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To help you get some of the administrative paperwork out of the way and allow you more time with your provider during the first visit, please complete the Pre-Registration Form 72 hours in advance. Once completed please email to:reception@counselingcenter.com
Please complete a Clinical History Form 72 hours before your 1st appointment.

After speaking with our Intake Department and obtaining your first appointment with a provider at the practice, please complete two forms below:

(1) Clinical History Form
(2) New Patient Registration Form

Please note that if you also previously completed an online 1st time appointment request form, there may appear to be some overlap, but this is a different form requested by your provider specifically to provide him or her important clinical background information that will save you time in your first appointment, and allow you to focus exclusively on the specific factors related to your visit.

For appointments with psychiatric providers who may be evaluating you for the appropriateness of medication to help manage your symptoms, it may allow them to prescribe medication on the first visit vs. possibly delaying the actual prescribing until your second visit."
New Patient Registration Form
Clinical History Forms
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