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We have the most licensed psychologists and psychiatrists practicing in one location in New England

While many of the psychologists at The Counseling Center of
Nashua are trained in psychological assessment for many
mental health conditions, there are currently six providers
who spend the majority of their time providing comprehensive
evaluation services.

To review the qualifications and specialty areas of testing for
each provider, please click on the "Meet Our Testing Staff"
link above.

For information related to the process, steps, and insurance
related information for evaluations, please click the
"Testing FAQs" link above.
Head injury
Post Concussion Syndrome
Alzheimer's disease
Ischemic vascular disease
(including CVA's, TIA'S)
Other types of dementia
Alcohol/recreational drug exposure
Workplace/environmental exposure to toxins

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Learning Disabilities
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Academic Underachievement
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Cardiac disease
Multiple sclerosis
LD, ADHD, ASD and Neuropsychological Evaluation Services
Testing FAQs
Meet our Testing Staff
Range of Services